Let’s say goodbye to 2020 and cheer in 2021 with some great news! Trophy Girls Issue 4 is in full swing with the magnificent Judit Tondora at the helm! Her work on Trophy Girls issue 1 is brilliant and in this issue she nails it! (no pun intended)

The previous 3 issues have been leading up to what I describe as “the point of no return” in issue #4. In other words, our adventure begins filled with good intentions but not so great decision making. Here are a few pages to wet your appetite as I don’t want to give away any spoilers. (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Trophy Girls page 3
Trophy Girls 4 page 6
Trophy Girls 4 page 2

Trophy Girls Issue 4 is Sexually Sexy

Because sex plays such a huge role in the Trophy Girls series, I knew it had to be portrayed tastefully. (again I’m not trying to be funny) Therefore I want everyone to know that Trophy Girls issue 4 will not be a XXX, 18 or older, hide it from your parents, type of comic. I wrote the script and I know there is a fine line between erotic and mature content. I chose the path of showing less in order to reveal a lot more.

Let’s Extend The Love for Trophy Girls

The previous 3 issues has been leading up to Trophy Girls Issue 4. Therefore I’m extending the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer for all of you who have yet to read the series. This applies to both the regular covers and the variant covers. However, due to the limited quantity of the variants I cannot offer the ability to mix and match issues.


Buy 2 Get 1 Free of Regular Cover Editions
$10.00 + shipping

2for1 offer regular

Sorry but this special offer has expired.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free of Variant Cover Editions
$20.00 + shipping

2 for 1 offer variant

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With the 4th issue arriving soon you don’t want to jump right in the middle without starting from the beginning. And for all of you who have supported Trophy Girls, Crystal and I can’t thank you enough. We love you all!