Trophy Girls Issue #1 Cover is finally finished!

Well everyone, the cover for issue #1 is done and ready to unveil! The official Trophy Girls Issue #1 cover by Jinky Coronado and colorist Katrina Mae Hao is a masterpiece! In my previous post, I said Jinky would not disappoint you with the first cover and I was right.   Trophy Girls issue #1 cover

Click on the image to enlarge

This debut did, however, take a lot longer than I’d anticipated due to Crystal and I butting heads…creatively. Crystal wasn’t keen on the tag line I’d placed above the title and my having put the creators last names at the bottom. (Nothing that you wouldn’t see on most modern age comic book covers) I’m all about compromise and went with Crystal’s suggestions which was all about keeping the focus on the image and not the verbiage. Besides, my tag line could always go on the credits page along with the story summary.

You’ve probably noticed that the title logo on this cover is different than what I last posted. This is because I felt the girls on the trophy, within the title logo, were unnecessary since they’re at the center of the entire cover. (only they’re not covered in gold).

I want to give a big shout-out to David Campiti, CEO of Glass House Graphics, who is Jinky’s agent. They provided several variations of the cover for me to use. (i.e. trading cards, posters, variant covers, etc.) His accomplishments within the industry are incredible! I know I’ll be hiring his company to work on issue #2 of Trophy Girls.

I’m down to just a few “must do” items on my list before sending Trophy Girls issue 1 to the printers. Next item on this list is to purchase the ISBN for both the printed and eBook edition.