The Deciders


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  1. Davic says:

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  2. Andrew says:

    It sounds like an epic and impressive blending of fantasy with sci-fi elements. That’s kind of up my alley. So I’m intrigued. Do you have a prospective publisher already lined up or are you intending to go the web-comic route? Also, do you have any short fiction published? You’ve certainly got talent and the imagination.

    Keep Robert Heinlein’s rules of writing in mind and best of luck.


    • Jocelyn says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I’ve got some short fiction I’ve written but not yet published. I should hopefully be getting those out soon and I will definitely be going to the web-comic route. Although, I do not have a publisher lined up for web comics, I would certainly welcome any publisher who approached me about it. 🙂


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