In case you don’t know, Comic Vine is the largest comic book database online (including Reviews, News, Videos, etc.). It’s where I go every Wednesday to check out the newest released comics.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw The Deciders #3 posted on the first page of newly released comics! To think my little ‘ol self-published comic book placed among all the leading publishers and titles! As silly as it sounds, seeing this made me feel like I’ve finally been accepted as a comic book writer and creator.

There is now a wiki page for The Deciders series at Comic Vine which you can view by clicking here. There are quite a few additions/changes that need to be made. However, I’m just so thrilled to actually be a part of such an enormous comic book database. Thank you pikahyper for creating and maintaining a wiki for The Deciders series.

P.S. – I encourage any of you who are members of Comic Vine and have read any issue of The Deciders to please add a review.