Today I received an email from comiXology about offering DRM-Free comic books. It is a new feature that will allow their customers to download DRM-Free comiXology backups of purchased comics. Why is this exciting? Because now you can download and store local copies of books in PDF and CBZ format.

DRM stands for Digital Restrictions Management. It is made to control what YOU do with digital content and devices you own. This means you cannot share songs, read an eBook or play a game on a different device. Nobody likes restrictions or being told what they’re allowed to do. So let’s shout a big ‘HOORAY’ for DRM-Free comiXology content!  

At first this was only offered to the big publishers but now self-published creators like myself can take advantage! I’ve just logged into my account and turned on the DRM-Free option for The Deciders comic books. It’s going to take at least 2hrs for this change to take effect but for all of you who have purchased my comic book through comiXology you can find the list of books you own that support DRM-free backup in the MY BACKUPS tab of the My Books area.

And if you haven’t purchased the first three issues of The Deciders then don’t get left behind and purchase your copy today!