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The Apocalypse Twins Cometh

AOA Twins

Archangel’s Heirs Are The Apocalypse Twins

I smell a major crossover story line with the birth of Archangel’s heirs, which were finally shown in this month’s issue of Uncanny Avengers. They will be known as The Apocalypse Twins for obvious reasons. Here’s a quick recap for those of you who have no idea what’s going on.
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Uncanny X-Men #3 – Magneto Costume Fail

Magento White Costume

So far I’ve been enjoying the new Uncanny X-Men series and the revamped costumes but Magneto in all white?! What the *bleep*! Why is this a costume fail? Because a bride wears all white, not the all powerful Magneto! Now, I don’t go scouring the net for news about the X-Men books and what Continue reading →

Comic Book Cover Cliches II


In Comic Book Cover Cliches II we look right between the legs of these covers. I don’t know when this trend began but if I had to guess,  I’d say it was when the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only hit theaters. Just check out the sexy movie poster

comic book cover cliches II

You will also see variations on this theme (i.e. half a leg showing, or maybe just the arms) but it still followed the same formula of “Just who do those legs,arms,hands, etc. belong too?” Most of he time the mysterious figure would be silhouetted for that added suspense. I guess the best point of view is from behind a pair of sexy thighs!

Well without further adieu here are the covers. Enjoy and remember 

“They’ve got legs and they know how to use them!”