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Gene Hunt Should Have His Own Comic Book

Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt

Does the end of Ashes to Ashes have to mean the end of our beloved Gene Hunt? Absolutely not! Gene Hunt is the perfect antihero who deserves to live on through his own comic book!

Gene Hunt the perfect antihero!

Being the antihero has always been the rage in comics! Wolverine, The Punisher, and even Rorschach from The Watchmen are gloried by their method of dispensing justice. Gene is no different and with myself as head writer, a comic book could definitely be a hit. Whether it’s a mini-series or just a one issue special!

Gene is a complex character and there’s much more we still don’t know about him. This would make for a perfect Gene Hunt origins story.

The Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes franchise ought to continue to thrive after season 3. The best way to ensure this happens is to begin a comic book series. And why not? Comic book adaptations of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Angel are as popular as ever.

I’ve already got some fantastic ideas brewing in my head and if ever given the opportunity, I would love to pitch them to the creators.

Gene Hunt Firing
Gene Hunt vs The Punisher



My Favorite Gene Hunt and Alex Drake Moments

Alex Drake and Gene Hunt on Audi

The series finale of Ashes to Ashes airs this coming Friday and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I haven’t been this excited about a television show since I was about 15 years old! When I first started watching Ashes to Ashes, I had never seen an episode of Life On Mars, so both Gene Hunt and Alex Drake were new to me. I’ll admit it took me about three episodes before I started thinking, “Alright I like this show and I love the chemistry between the lead characters. I want to know what happens next.”

Since I’m such a sucker for romance and a romanticist myself, I’m going to go through some of my favorite Gene Hunt and Alex Drake moments.

Alex Drake episode 1From episode 1. Alex puts her hand on Gene’s chest to feel that his heart is beating. Of course, Gene returns the favor by placing his hand on hers as well.

Gene: “Fandabbydozy. Now then Bollinger Knickers, you gonna kiss me or punch me?”


Could never afford Alex DrakeGene and Alex are investigating a rape allegation from a prostitute. In this scene Alex says she’s a prostitute in order to enlighten Gene about his stereotypical thoughts on how prostitutes should look.
Alex: “So I’m not a HOOKER. But if I was, do you know something Gene? You could never, NEVER, afford me.



Alex Drake stuck with GeneAlex and Gene are stuck in an underground vault with no air coming in or out. Drake doesn’t believe she can die…not in that world…can she?



Gene saves Alex DrakeMy all time favorite moment! When I first saw this my mouth just dropped! Gene is a knight in shining armor! Sigh…


Ashes to Ashes Season 3: Video Sneak Peek!

Ashes to Ashes Season 3 is a go! So let’s fire up the Quattro!
Ashes to Ashes Season 3

This year, Good Friday isn’t going to be good…it’s gonna be GREAT! The BBC has announced that Ashes to Ashes season 3 will begin airing April 2 at 9pm (UK time of course!) Woo hoo! Here is a 59 second clip from the upcoming series finale of  Ashes to Ashes Season 3!!!
*WARNING* If you who haven’t seen the 2nd season of Ashes to Ashes then I recommend not watching this clip. A very important event from last season is talked about.
Just a fair warning.

So without further adieu…here’s the clip!!

Chocolate rabbits, marshmallow Peeps, and now Ashes to Ashes…this is gonna be one hell of a sweet Easter Weekend!

If you want to know more about A2A season 3 then head on over to Den of Geek and read their interview with co-creator Matthew Graham.