Tonight I was a guest on NonProductive! radio – a show that focuses on pop culture and all things geeky! The name of the episodeis called Dominated By Nerd Girls and I talked about my comic book The Deciders, my G.I. Joe pitch, and lots of unexpected topics!

On this episode, The Idiots prepare for the upcoming 2013 Loud Idiots Movie Awards by releasing the list of categories and nominees. They are then joined by glamor model, comic book writer, and all around kick-ass nerd, Jocelyn Potter, to discuss her new book The Deciders! Listen as she schools the guys on everything X-Men and…..G.I. Joe?!! Yes, it’s completely true and Bizarro Worldly REAL!!!!!

 I don’t want to give away the entire show so head over to NonProductive! and listen to my interview!