LFCC 2020 (aka London Film and Comic Con) has been postponed this year! Crystal and I could not wait to return in July for the summer convention. However, this damn Covid-19 has once again ruined our summer comic con schedule.
Here is a portion of the official statement put out by Showmasters:

LFCC 2020

We do have some news that many of you may have worked out by now, but with the Corona Virus issue still affecting our day-to-day life we have had to take the hard decision to postpone July’s London Film and Comic Con until a little later in the year, November 2020. London Film and Comic Con will now take place on 20th to 22nd November 2020…There will clearly be some changes to protect peoples health and safety…as your health and safety is our number one priority. 

Due to our personal work schedule we cannot attend LFCC 2020 in November. However, that is not to say we cannot attend next year’s London Film and Comic Con.

We will return for LFCC 2021

It is very hard to predict what will happen come 2021. No one could have foreseen this horrific scenario nor that LFCC 2020 would be postponed. But, I’m still a firm believer in all of us working together to fight this pandemic. Crystal and I will decide on if whether we will attend the LFCC Spring (February 27 -28 2021) or Summer (July 23 – 25 2021).

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