Two weeks ago Crystal and I were guests on the Just Being Amos Podcast to discuss Trophy Girls and many other nerdy topics!

I’d like to first thank Cliff and everyone else at Dr. No’s Comics and Games Superstore for letting us record there. We all had a great time and in fact the show went on longer than usual. As we became engrossed in the various topics that we wish we could’ve stayed longer. Maybe we’ll be on again and continue where we left off or discuss more geeky subjects.

Just some of the many topics we discussed was the continuing Trophy Girls series, upcoming convention appearances, G.I. Joe, comic books, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Certainly I think Crystal stole the show with her passionate yet hilarious rant regarding the MCU and Marvel comics.

Crystal’s viewpoints on Just Being Amos Podcast

The Just Being Amos Podcast gave Crystal an opportunity to open up and share her opinions about the MCU. It’s at times like this, in our private life, that I just let her speak without interruption. First of all, she didn’t grow up reading Marvel comics like I did. As a result, characters most of us are familiar with, she’s just now learning about.

To listen to this podcast head on over to SoundCloud where you’ll find our entertaining interview! Or you can listen to it right here by pressing the red play button on the upper left side! Just be sure to leave a comment because we love comments!!