Trophy Girls issue #2 continues where issue #1 left off and reveals what happens when identical twins live separate lives. Titled The Dichotomy of a Twin, issue #2 will first focus on Crystal and her exciting life in Los Angeles. Trophy Girls – Dichotomy of a Twin will allow the reader to see just how different the Potter Twins truly are.

Being identical  twins doesn’t mean being identical in everything.

Crystal’s story has everything you could imagine from the drugs, the sex, and yes…the adult industry. It’s a roller-coaster of party’s and celebrities that will keep you entertained and maybe even a little shocked. On the other hand, with every up there must come a down.

The sensational artistic team from Glass House Graphics who are currently working on Trophy Girls issue #2 will not disappoint! Artist, Mel Joy San Juan, brings a sexy innocent look to Crystal’s story therefore making it that much more incredible. Below are a few pages from the upcoming issue to whet your appetite.
identical twins trophy girls page 3

identical twins trophy girls page 2

Coloring the issue will be Katrina Mae S. Hao whose brilliant work can be seen on Marvel Gaming Cards, Zenescope: Grimm Fairy Tales, Dark Horse comics, and other great titles!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the 1st issue of Trophy Girls! The response has been extremely positive. In addition to everyone’s anticipation of what happens next to those naive identical twins.

Although the print run is limited, there are still copies left for purchase. Choose between either the regular or the variant cover of this first exciting issue!  The Regular cover is $5 + shipping and the Variant cover is $10 + shipping. Choose one or both versions and then click the PayPal button to place your order!

purcahse trophy girls issue 1 regular cover

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