DC Comics – Villain Fail

DC Comics – Villain Outfit Fail

Wow…um…normally I wouldn’t even give a second thought about DC Comics but this one I just had to rant about. So I was flipping through Batman #21 (The New 52) when I caught a glimpse of this guy…

DC Comics - villain fail

Who in the f*ck came up with this character?! Can someone please explain the significance of this god-awful cheesy outfit! Crystal says he looks like a tube of lipstick and I said he looks like half a capsule of Tylenol. Either way we are both right because this has got to be the most laughable looking character since…

DC Comics -villain fail rainbow-raiderRainbow Rider! (another DC Comics character btw) I mean seriously, this is 2013 and people are still creating lame villains like the one in  Batman issue 21?

I didn’t even get the name of the villain but it doesn’t matter…I saw him, I laughed, I ranted and now I move on.

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  1. Alex says:

    As long as his name isn’t “Eraser”, “Redhead”, “Marital Aid”, “Red Rocket”, “Dog Johnson”, or some variation thereof, I think he’s not an EPIC fail… just a regular one. =P

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