Comic Book Cover Cliches

Comic book cover cliches…”Oh, for crying out loud!”

Comic book cover cliches have been around for as long as…well comics. Sifting through a long-box or browsing the shelf at your local comic book store you may have noticed something. And that something is a cover with an overused, repeated, iconic scene. There is one such cliche that I cannot believe artists still use to this day.

Below is a little gallery of just some of those cliche covers. The only sad thing about these covers is their lack of originality. It’s no wonder they’re crying!

I can proudly say that I avoided using such gimmicks for all five covers of The Deciders mini-series.

One Comment on "Comic Book Cover Cliches"

  1. Alex says:

    You know, my nephew (also 20) noticed this trend back when we were 15 or so. Not hard to search through tons of comics to find the same cover repeatedly, lol.

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