The Deciders issue #2 now available

The Deciders issue #2 now available

It’s Devah versus Decoda in The Deciders issue #2! Will Lilyth’s plan to control both twins succeed or is she asking for double trouble? On top of everything else, a surprising revelation about Joseph Caine is revealed!

The Deciders issue #2

Witness Devah and Decoda in a deadly fight against each other. Only one will taste sweet victory and the other bitter defeat. Prepar for a new character to come into play, as well.

The Deciders issue #2 is now available for purchase at comiXology, Amazon, GooglePlay, and As of right now, the one place you will not find The Deciders is on

New York Comic Con Oct. 10-13th 2013

New York Comic Con here I come!

I’ll be in the Artist Alley this year at New York Comic Con October 10-13th! With me will be my very dear friend Nathan Massengill (artist, inker, writer, etc.). I’ll be signing issue #1 of The Deciders (including a special variant cover edition). There will also be art prints and a whole lot of other goodies at our table.

I just received the table number for Artist Alley that I will be at this year. Go get something to write with because I will be at table Y4. If you are attending please stop by the table and say hello!

New York Comic Con will be held

Apocalypse Twins – WTF Marvel?!

In my previous post The Apocalypse Twins Cometh I was excited about the introduction of Uriel and Eimen (the children of Archangel) into the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t wait to observe how they would develop both physically and mentally in future issues. They’re Archangel’s heirs for god’s sake! How could you go wrong? Well it appears Marvel has found a way