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When I took over as writer for “The Deadly Alana” series, I made it edgier (no pun intended) and sexy! This series is part of The Legacy Code Universe which is produced by Short Fuse Media. When you donate to their Kickstarter campaign you’re also helping to showcase my writing on the “The Deadly Alana”. Below is a page from the series that features my writing.

Showcase My WritingAnd let’s not forget the incredible rewards available to all who pledge to the campaign. (Just how incredible? You’ll have to see for yourself) Become a backer to

“Legacy Code” Kickstarter Campaign

Writing on “The Deadly Alana” series for Short Fuse Media has reinvigorated my creative juices and I must say I’m extremely proud of my work. This is just one of many stories that you’ll find in their Legacy Code world.

The series is part of the “The Legacy Universe” and Short Fuse Media is looking to expand this universe into a 25 page, full color comic book, animated teaser trailer, side scrolling video game demo, action figures, costumes and a Tabletop RPG!

But THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Go to  Legacy Code Kickstarter Campaign and when you make a pledge, you’ll receive some truly awesome rewards.  They have everything from action figures to costumes…plus YOU could be a character

5th and final issue of The Deciders now available

5th issue of The Deciders now available for purchase!

Well it’s finally here! The 5th and final issue of The Deciders is now available at comiXology, Amazon , Google Play, and DriveThru Comics. I hope everyone has enjoyed this story and perhaps we’ll see more of Devah and Decoda in the future. Until then, be sure to purchase  The Deciders issue 5 and if you haven’t read issues 1 – 4 be sure to purchase those too.

Oh, and if you’ve never used Google Play here is how it works (according to Google Play):

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The Deadly Alana

I will be taking over “The Deadly Alana” series

Who better than me to write about a gorgeous chick who kicks ass? Nobody and that’s why Short Fuse Media has hired me to write on “The Deadly Alana” webcomic! On Tuesday (May 12th) my work starts off  with page 6.

The story in “The Deadly Alana” revolves around Alana pursuing her dream of building a legacy as one of the world’s greatest assassins. The story will run concurrent with multiple other comic titles that we will be releasing via as the stories for each series are all cannon to one shared universe.

Adult film star, Alana Evans has teamed up with Short Fuse Media in creating the

The Deciders issue 5 cover

The Deciders issue 5 cover

Here is the gorgeous artwork for The Deciders issue 5 cover which is the final issue in the mini-series. An absolutely stunning piece of work! Penciled and inked by Fred Benes and coloring by Dijjo. Both are talented artists from Ed Benes Studio.

The Deciders issue 5 cover

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Deciders series over these last few years. Below are some pages from issue #5 (colored by the very talented and awesome Liezl Buenaventura)

The Deciders issue 5 page 3 The Deciders issue 5 page 4