The Deciders Issue #1

My Kickstarter campaign to raise money needed for The Deciders Issue #1 was a success. Putting that issue together taught me more than I was expecting about publishing. I found my artistic team with whom I could collaborate with on an updated version of issue #1. With all new artwork it is not the same issue from the Kickstarter Campaign.

Santiago Espina will be the artist on all 5 issues of The Deciders while Liezl Buenaventura will be my colorist. Together they’ve created what I had imagined in the world of The Deciders. Don’t believe me? Just look at the pages below

The Deciders issue #1 cover

Sleeping With The Enemy

It’s Sexier When You’re Sleeping With The Enemy

It seems that Namor is making quite a splash these days in the Marvel Universe and it occurred to me that he wasn’t mentioned in my post titled Who Needs Enemies When You’re In A Love Triangle.  Just because you’re a superhero, doesn’t mean you’re immune to love. Relationships are tough and can be even more wicked than your arch enemy. Especially if you are sleeping with the enemy.

Can You "Jump The Shark" In Comics Books?

In the television industry, the term “Jump The Shark” is defined as the moment when a hit television series has passed its “peak” and they begin using gimmicks to revive its popularity.

One commonly used gimmick is allowing the main characters to finally marry after years of having an on-again, off-again relationship. A writer out of fresh new ideas will be forced at some point to Jump The Shark.
Jump The Shark
For 50 years Archie Andrews has lived the life every man dreams of. He’s managed to juggle several lovers at once while keeping Betty and Veronica to fight over him.