Trophy Girls Issue #2

Dichotomy of a Twin: Crystal

Issue #2 in the Trophy Girls series focuses on Crystal's time in Los Angeles. Follow her as she narrates you through the jungles of LA.

About the Book

Trophy Girls Issue #2 is told from Crystal’s point of view immediately following the first issue. For her, being young, beautiful, and single in “The City of Angels” will prove to be pure hell. A story filled with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Need we say more? 

Trophy Girls issue 2

       Regular cover                                                                                   Variant cover

Cover Version

With a limited print run, you have two killer covers to choose from. Or if you like everything in pairs (and who doesn’t) then purchase both!

You can purchase Trophy Girls Issue #2 right here. Just choose your cover preference and check out through PayPal. The Regular cover is $5 + shipping and the Variant cover is $10 + shipping. Crystal and I personally autograph each copy sold through the website.

Series: Trophy Girls, Book 2
Genre: Autobiographical
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781732398016