Trophy Girls Issue #1

The Authorized and Audacious Autobiography of the Potter Twins

The first issue begins with Crystal and Jocelyn Potter taking their first visit to the exciting city of Los Angeles, but it’s only for a week. So what could possibly happen to these unassuming, adorable, 18-year-old twins from Texas in that short amount of time?

About the Book

Trophy Girls traces the lives of the vivacious twins, Crystal and Jocelyn Potter. From their tomboy beginnings in Texas to their unexpected success in the adult film industry. First of all, don’t think they wanted internet fame or AVN trophies. Instead Crystal and Jocelyn Potter, aspiring comediennes, just wanted some quick bucks to help get their “real” careers in comedy launched.

Hence, it is the story of idealized and fetishized identical twins that represented the ultimate sexual fantasy. Also, by reading their story, which seems almost too fantastic to be real, readers will peer behind the curtain and share the scandal, sex, tears, and laughter that makes up a uniquely unforgettable adventure.

Furthermore, their star-studded (no pun intended) autobiographical story goes where no autobiography has gone before. Likewise, what follows is not a dire expose on the exploitational evils of porn, but a rollicking  and endlessly amusing series of incidents, accidents, and unintentional celebrity.

Crystal and Jocelyn Potter original cover

Regular Cover

Crystal and Jocelyn Potter variant

Variant Cover

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Cover Version

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Series: Trophy Girls, Book 1
Genre: Autobiographical
Publisher: Jocelyn Potter
Publication Year: 2018
Format: print
Length: On-going series
Illustrator: Judit Tondora
ISBN: 9781732398009