A few days ago I received a rather hostile email from an anonymous Cyberbully. I’ve had my fair share of people attacking me online and my normal response is calm, brief and informative. So what makes this incident different? Well, whomever sent this email did not allow me to  answer any of the questions or correct the inaccurate statements. Here is the email I received both an image and it’s contents quoted. (text in red is where I  took the liberty of linking to appropriate post)

Anonymous Email

From: Ben Dover <bd@aol.com>
Subject: Mark Pita

Message Body:
I discover this on Internet, I don’t know who you are or if you’re still alive,
this story is 10 years old!! But if you’re still around,I want to ask you ask you few questions: What is your relationship to Mark or his wife, do you even
know them, and if you dont , what is your fkng problem to write this crap? YOu didnt LIVE with them, you don’t fkng know what’s going on in their relationship, but you chose to take sides! What did Mark do to you? You get a life loser, you don’t know shit about Mark or a comedian’s
life on the road all the time!! It’s losers like you who makes this world worse than it should be!! I’m pretty sure in the mean time, you became
a Trump supporter and a QAnon fan!! If you can still read this , get a fkng life!! stop accusing people you don’t know!! Loser!!

Below is my reply to this anonymous person, both the image and it’s contents.

Reply to anonymous

Hmmm…Ben Dover…nice fake name.
I’m alive and as it just so happens, I WAS Mark Pitta’s wife. Therefore I have every right to share my experience and what I went through during that particular time in my life.

It would appear you’re getting very very hostile over a few 5-6 year old blog posts. Why? I’ve moved on. But those posts stay up on my site because they’re a part of my life’s history.

I have no time to deal with your hostility and sure as hell won’t put up with it.

Therefore, get outside and enjoy life once in a while…instead of being a creepy, nasty, and most likely violent human being.


PS – next time think up a more clever moniker instead of one that’s so childish.

Cyberbully Never Got My Reply

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: bd@aol.com
host mx-aol.mail.gm0.yahoodns.net [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
552 1 Requested mail action aborted, mailbox not found

I would’ve left it at that but then my email was returned due to “mailbox not found”. This meant the anonymous Cyberbully didn’t care about hearing the facts or at least hearing me out.

So tell me, what did you expect to gain from all of this? Surely you didn’t mean to revisit Mark Pitta’s abusive, narcissistic and malicious behavior towards me? I haven’t seen, spoken, or even thought about Mark Pitta since parting ways. Except for when people, like yourself, mention his name or ask me about him)

I don’t play politics so I’m confused as to how Trump and QAnon fit in this? I thought QAnon was an alien race from Star Trek or a character from The Twilight Zone.

Your cowardice tells me I won’t hear from you again. But just in case, please be prepared with facts before contacting me. Meanwhile, anyone else who wants to join in the conversation please do. The comments box below is always open.