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These are pitches I’ve written for established characters and current ongoing series. Please note that all characters are TM & © copyright by their respective owners. Adobe Reader is required to view them.

G.I. Joe: Character Spotlights (IDW Comics)

As a big G.I. Joe fan, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to pitch IDW three separate G.I. Joe: Character Spotlight’s. The characters I focused on were Cover Girl, Quick Kick, and Overkill . They were interested in my Quick Kick story but unfortunately weren’t able to use it or any of the others. Although it would’ve been nice to have gotten the job, I still remain positive that I’ll get to write a G.I. Joe story someday.

G.I. Joe: The Return of Cobra-La

I wrote this a few years back, when Devil’s Due was publishing the G.I. Joe comic books. It would reintroduce Serpentor and debut a whole new Cobra-La team to the G.I. Joe universe.

Psylocke, the Secret Histories (Marvel Comics)

Psylocke’s past is revealed and finally clarified! Each issue focuses and explains each life changing event, filling in gaps and answering many questions. This could serve as the ultimate canon for Psylocke. (The pitch isn’t in-depth because my story is so brilliant that I’m afraid someone will steal it. I know I’m being conceited but it really is that good! I would gladly talk more in-depth about this story with ANY Marvel editor though.)

Superman: Just A Man

This is an alternate story for the powerless Clark Kent during the One Year Later series. With his powers never to return Clark Kent can now live his life as an ordinary man. Now he’s forced to discover who he really is…Clark Kent or Superman?

Artifacts: Sabine “Revenge Best Served Cold-Blooded”

This was my pitch submission for Top Cow’s Talent Hunt in 2012.

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