So far I’ve been enjoying the new Uncanny X-Men series and the revamped costumes but Magneto in all white?! What the *bleep*! Why is this a costume fail? Because a bride wears all white, not the all powerful Magneto! Now, I don’t go scouring the net for news about the X-Men books and what Marvel has planned for them. So perhaps Magneto’s new costume wasn’t a surprise to most readers. I know there have been worse…waaaay worse costume changes than Magneto’s but I’m trying to focus on the present and not the past. But just to remind us all of how the ol’ “Master of Magnetism”  has looked over the years:

Change is good and even I would get tired of wearing the same costume everyday for over 30 years but this, I just don’t get. Does he think he’s a Royal Guard from Star Wars or something?

Magneto white costume fail

Check out my guns too!

Star Wars Royal Guard costume fail

“Magneto? Who the f*ck is Magneto?”









Everything is so white that it looks like he fell into a tub of bleach! Not only does the color not work but check out the 1980’s cut-off sleeves he’s got going. Did I hear someone say “Muscle Beach”?

I’d like to end with some examples of when wearing the color white is definitely right.

White Queen sexy no costume fail

The White Queen

Storm Shadow no costume fail

Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

Casper no costume fail

Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Stay Puft sailor costume fail

Stay Puft