When I heard that Top Cow Inc. was holding a Talent Hunt for two unpublished writers and two unpublished artists, I just knew I had to give it a shot. What a dream come true to it would be to write a one-shot or mini-series for a company like Top Cow (home of Witchblade, The Darkness, etc.) Of course I know the competition will be quite fierce since it is almost impossible to get your foot in the door as a writer in the world of comics these days (unless you’re self-published). As Matt Hawkins (head at Top Cow) said,

“…at some point someone gave us a chance.  Now we’re looking to do the same for a few people.”

Top Cow Talent Hunt Rules

Submitting as a writer, Top Cow kept the rules rigid but fair. I am to submit a one page synopsis plus an 8 page (or more) full script. Luckily I write only in full script (check out my blog about scripting) and I had to choose from 7 lesser known characters to be the subject of my pitch. Here were the choices:

  • Tom Judge (the Rapture)
  • Glorianna Silver (the Ember Stone)
  • Michael Finnegan (the Glacier Stone)
  • Sabine (Wheel of Shadows)
  • Ian Nottingham (Blood Sword)
  • Ji-Xi (13th Artifact)
  • And the mysterious Pandora’s Box Wielder

After doing a bit of recon work on these characters I decided to go with Sabine.

Top Cow Talent Hunt Sabine

The Talent Hunt ends December 31st and of course I’ve already submitted my pitch and script. I believe Top Cow will post the winners sometime in January.

This has been a wonderful experience coming up with a new story direction for this “fallen angel” and I feel really positive about the pitch I submitted. Let us hope the folks at Top Cow think the same way about it too.

By the way, this isn’t my first submission to a major publisher. Click here to read other ideas I’ve submitted.