The Sorrow of Marrow pt. 2

Back in 2010 I posted The Sorrow of Marrow about the Marvel mutant from the 90’s named…you guessed it, Marrow. I assumed Marrow was either dead or discarded among Marvel’s endless vault of gimmicky characters.  Well, it appears I was wrong having just  readtoday’s newest release of X-Force #1. The cover shows the new X-Force team of Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, and ?

One of these mutants does not belong…or does she?

Turns out the, partially, red-headed mystery mutant is non other than Marrow herself. In the first blog I talked about how unattractive she was but then Marvel decided to glam her up a bit.

marrowmarrow 2

She looked waaaay better back then (I’m talking her original debut) than she does now and that’s pretty sad…at least to me anyways. If anything please giver the other side of her head some hair please!

marrow 2014

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