Why The Deciders is not on iTunes

Argh! For the past week I’ve been having numerous problems with Apple’s iTunes store or more specifically, uploading content to it.  It all started when I uploaded The Deciders issue #2 using a software called iTunes Producer. Within the program I pulled the original metadata from issue #1 and changed the series number and the information about the issue. You see, I assumed it would automatically know that this was issue #2 of the series titled The Deciders.

Well, that’s not what happened, instead it uploaded issue #2 over issue #1. I discovered this less than 24hrs later and immediately called the iTunes support number. Although friendly, they were unable to undo the mistake I’d made and therefore I re-uploaded the original epub file of issue #1. (with just one or two minor changes)

The next day I receive an email from the support staff at iTunes stating the following:

Images Broken Across Pages

Images in Flowing EPUBs must not be too large to fit on one page such that they are broken across multiple pages. If you intend to insert images that span multiple pages or display side by side, we recommend creating a Fixed Layout EPUB or using iBooks Author.

Is The Problem iTunes or iBooks?

Apparently whatever changes I’d made screwed up the layout. So I re-uploaded issue #1 (without touching a single strand of code on the file) about 3 days ago. This is the same file that was up, until a week ago, available for purchase.

iTunes shows that The Deciders issue #1 is now in the review stage. Meanwhile I uploaded The Deciders #2 as a separate epub file and am crossing my fingers I don’t get the dreaded email about there being broken images or something.

As soon as both issues are back up and for sale on iTunes I’ll let you know.