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I Want Your Feedback on The Deciders comic

The Deciders Wants You

The Deciders comic book series is complete! Now I want your feedback!

The 5th issue of The Deciders has been released at comiXology and now I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on the series. As a writer and creator, your feedback is important to me. (Your reaction will also help me determine if I should continue with The Deciders series in the future). So please give me your feedback on The Deciders comic book series!

If you haven’t read The Deciders you can purchase all 5 digital issues at comiXology, , Google Play Store & DriveThru Comics

The Deciders comic

Issues 1 – 5 of The Deciders

I look forward to hearing from you! Whether it’s via email, Facebook, Twitter, or leaving a comment at my website.


Donate and Help Showcase My Writing

The Deadly Alana

Showcase My Writing by Donating!

When I took over as writer for “The Deadly Alana” series, I made it edgier (no pun intended) and sexy! This series is part of The Legacy Code Universe which is produced by Short Fuse Media. When you donate to their Kickstarter campaign you’re also helping to showcase my writing on the “The Deadly Alana”. Below is a page from the series that features my writing.

Showcase My WritingAnd let’s not forget the incredible rewards available to all who pledge to the campaign. (Just how incredible? You’ll have to see for yourself) Become a backer to the Legacy Code Kickstarter campaign today!

The Deciders wiki at Comic Vine

comic vine

In case you don’t know, Comic Vine is the largest comic book database online (including Reviews, News, Videos, etc.). It’s where I go every Wednesday to check out the newest released comics.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw The Deciders #3 posted on the first page of newly released comics! To think my little ‘ol self-published comic book placed among all the leading publishers and titles! As silly as it sounds, seeing this made me feel like I’ve finally been accepted as a comic book writer and creator.

There is now a wiki page for The Deciders series at Comic Vine which you can view by clicking here. There are quite a few additions/changes that need to be made. However, I’m just so thrilled to actually be a part of such an enormous comic book database. Thank you pikahyper for creating and maintaining a wiki for The Deciders series.

P.S. – I encourage any of you who are members of Comic Vine and have read any issue of The Deciders to please add a review.