“Legacy Code” Kickstarter Campaign

Writing on “The Deadly Alana” series for Short Fuse Media has reinvigorated my creative juices and I must say I’m extremely proud of my work. This is just one of many stories that you’ll find in their Legacy Code world.

The series is part of the “The Legacy Universe” and Short Fuse Media is looking to expand this universe into a 25 page, full color comic book, animated teaser trailer, side scrolling video game demo, action figures, costumes and a Tabletop RPG!

But THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Go to  Legacy Code Kickstarter Campaign and when you make a pledge, you’ll receive some truly awesome rewards.  They have everything from action figures to costumes…plus YOU could be a character

My Top 10 List of Best Comic Book Based Video Games

My Top 10 List of the Best Comic Book Based Video Games

Den of Geek asked that I write an article aptly titled My Top 10 List of the Best Comic Book Based Video Games. (which you can read by clicking here) My early childhood consisted of the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. Fast forward a few years and Nintendo was the holy grail at my house.

However, let us not forget that this was the era the shopping mall video game arcades! Which my father frequently visited, taking me and my twin sister with him. This is where my love affair with video games based on comic books would begin.

comic book based video games