Trophy Girls by The Potter Twins

Trophy Girls is The Authorized and Audacious Autobiography of The Potter Twins

Trophy Girls follows the Potter Twins as they gain unexpected success in the adult film industry (and beyond). A project that Crystal and myself have been working on with the help of Nathan Massengill.

The stories themselves are true to life accounts of our time in and out of Los Angeles. This is not a kiss and tell-all book. Instead it’s a compilation of stories which are funny, poignant, sad, and in most cases unbelievable.

Our story, which also seems too fantastic to be real, lets you peer behind the curtain and share the scandal, sex, tears, and laughter that makes up this uniquely unforgettable adventure.

Judit Tondora (Wonder Woman

The Deciders issue #2 now available

The Deciders issue #2 now available

It’s Devah versus Decoda in The Deciders issue #2! Will Lilyth’s plan to control both twins succeed or is she asking for double trouble? On top of everything else, a surprising revelation about Joseph Caine is revealed!

The Deciders issue #2

Witness Devah and Decoda in a deadly fight against each other. Only one will taste sweet victory and the other bitter defeat. Prepar for a new character to come into play, as well.

The Deciders issue #2 is now available for purchase at comiXology, Amazon, GooglePlay, and As of right now, the one place you will not find The Deciders is on