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Mark Pitta: A Sick Wife Will Be Punished and Thrown Out pt 2

Jocelyn looking out

I think it’s hilarious that you want me to have a surgeon cut my balls instead of using a condom. -Mark Pitta

In my previous post I shared a belligerent letter from Mark stating that I was to leave the house or before he returned. Near the end of the letter he makes it clear that he will not have a vasectomy or  in his words “…cut into his balls.”. Continue reading →

Mark Pitta: Love Thyself, Abandon Thy Wife

What would you do if your spouse left without saying a word and went missing for a week? You may already have an answer but when Mark Pitta disappeared in September of 2011, I was left with nothing but questions. I mean, we’d been married for less than a year so how could he possibly abandon me like this? Continue reading →