Happy Valentines to My First Husbando

Husbando refers to a fictional male character from non-live action media (i.e. anime, video games, manga, etc.) to whom one is attracted to. Since Valentines Day is here I thought it might be fun to write about my very first husbando.

A husbando is usually a male character from the world of anime, however, mine is from an American cartoon. (Even though the series was animated in Japan)

So who is this male animated character that caught my attention and my heart when I was about 8 or 9 years old? It is non-other than the almighty Serpentor,

Lady Deadpool?! Oh the WHOR-ER!!

Lady Deadpool Male

R.I.P. Deadpool. Your unconventional ways have earned you mainstream popularity and now you’ve become just another…*groan*… gimmick. Actually, that would be your gender-swapped counterpart Lady Deadpool.

It’s the beginning of your end and to kick off your demise Marvel is giving you a…*drum roll*…female counterpart! Because as we all know, every popular male comic book character MUST have a female counterpart. (e.g. Superman/Supergirl, Spiderman/Spider-Girl, Hulk/She-Hulk…see what I mean)

So who is Lady Deadpool?
Lady Deadpool
 Why it’s none other than…Shatterstar?!
Lady Deadpool Shatterstar