Comic Book Cover Cliches

Comic book cover cliches…”Oh, for crying out loud!”

Comic book cover cliches have been around for as long as…well comics. Sifting through a long-box or browsing the shelf at your local comic book store you may have noticed something. And that something is a cover with an overused, repeated, iconic scene. There is one such cliche that I cannot believe artists still use to this day.

Below is a little gallery of just some of those cliche covers. The only sad thing about these covers is their lack of originality. It’s no wonder they’re crying!

I can proudly say that I avoided using such gimmicks for all five covers of The Deciders mini-series.

Origin of The Deciders Symbol

I’d like to share some more information about The Deciders, specifically how I came up with The Deciders symbol. Every famous superhero has a distinguishable symbol. Just take a look at these examples and I’ll bet you can tell me who each one belongs to.(or at least 98 % of them)

Deciders symbol iconic

Creating a symbol can be tricky. There needs to be a reason why the symbol is and looks the way it does. I can’t stress the KISS principle enough, “Keep it simple, Stupid!”

With that in mind, I had to create a symbol which represented everything a Decider was. This symbol was  going to be integrated into the suit’s

Top 10 Comic Book Character Knockoffs

Comic Book Character Knockoffs = Generic Brand

Think of your favorite character. Now, imagine someone creating comic book character knockoffs of him,her, or it. It’s not easy creating a new comic book character with never-seen-before superpowers and costumes. (and I definitely know how hard it is after creating  The Deciders).

What you’re about to read is my Top 10 List of  Comic Book Character Knockoffs. In some cases it’s the costume and in others it ‘s everything. I guess when these characters were being created, “originality” wasn’t top priority. (Please remember that the opinions expressed here are my own and I don’t expect everyone to agree…just 99% of you)

Sleeping With The Enemy

It’s Sexier When You’re Sleeping With The Enemy

It seems that Namor is making quite a splash these days in the Marvel Universe and it occurred to me that he wasn’t mentioned in my post titled Who Needs Enemies When You’re In A Love Triangle.  Just because you’re a superhero, doesn’t mean you’re immune to love. Relationships are tough and can be even more wicked than your arch enemy. Especially if you are sleeping with the enemy.