I Am a Writer…and a Scripter

In an earlier blog I’d mentioned moving to Atlanta to become a comic book writer.

I brought with me, a rather lengthy script for my first issue. I’m not embarrassed to say that it was not a proper script for a comic book. In fact it read very much like a Hollywood movie script. However, unlike the movie industry, there is no industry standard format for scripting a comic book.
One method is plot-art-dialogue, sometimes referred to as the “Marvel Method”, in which a writer presents the artist with a plot synopsis to work from. This gives the artist more control over the pacing and structure of the story. Then there’s the full-script method which is…well it’s exactly as it sounds. A

Writing Comic Books For A Living

I can’t believe it’s been a year ago to the month that I moved from San Francisco to Atlanta in order to pursuit a career in writing comic books! I came here with a 38 page script (I didn’t know it was supposed to be only 22 pages!) and a dream of writing comic books.

One person saw my potential and was willing to take a chance on me. That person is Nathan Massengill. He took me under his wing and now that 38 page script has become an 88 page 4 issue mini-series! I even debut the preview edition of my comic at Heroes Con this year. So far the feedback has been positive. You can see the book