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Pencil Art for Trophy Girls Issue 3

Trophy Girls 3 pencil art

Pencil art is the first step in creating the pages needed to make a comic book. I wanted to update you all about the 3rd issue of Trophy Girls and share some the art with you.

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2nd & Charles signing May 25 2019

2nd & Charles signing

I will be appearing at 2nd & Charles on May 25th for the signing of both Trophy Girls issue #1 & #2. This will take place from around 12:30pm until 5pm. The location is in Kennesaw at 815 Ernest W. Barrett Parkway.

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I Am a Writer…and a Scripter

Jocelyn Potter writer

In an earlier blog I’d mentioned moving to Atlanta to become a comic book writer.

I brought with me, a rather lengthy script for my first issue. I’m not embarrassed to say that it was not a proper script for a comic book. In fact it read very much like a Hollywood movie script. However, unlike the movie industry, there is no industry standard format for scripting a comic book.
One method is plot-art-dialogue, sometimes referred to as the “Marvel Method”, in which a writer presents the artist with a plot synopsis to work from. This gives the artist more control over the pacing and structure of the story. Then there’s the full-script method which is…well it’s exactly as it sounds. A script where the writer assumes all control over the story, pace, dialogue, etc. Full script is my preferred method and it’s how all four issues of The Deciders is written.

Enough with the history lesson already! What is your point?

My point? Hmmmm…I don’t have a point per say but more of an observation.

-FYI- There is a lot more to the story of how I got to this point…but I’ll share it another time!-

Below are a few pages of my script for issue one accompanied by the finished artwork. I thought it was perfect, from the pace of the story right down to the dialogue. However, when my artist,Kevin Stokes, handed back the finished pages…I quickly changed my tune.

I took one look at his pages and knew instantly that this driver MUST have more dialogue! His expressions are so animated and that I literally could hear him screaming at the twins!

writer and script

However it was Syd who got the best one liners in the final version. This teddy bear is going to steal the show…

writer and script pt2


There were a lot more changes in dialogue and pacing by the time we got the first 5 pages finished for the preview issue. You can click here to see the other changes for yourself.

I realized that writing in full script meant I had all the control…but it certainly doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement by the artist.

Writing Comic Books For A Living

I can’t believe it’s been a year ago to the month that I moved from San Francisco to Atlanta in order to pursuit a career in writing comic books! I came here with a 38 page script (I didn’t know it was supposed to be only 22 pages!) and a dream of writing comic books.

One person saw my potential and was willing to take a chance on me. That person is Nathan Massengill. He took me under his wing and now that 38 page script has become an 88 page 4 issue mini-series! I even debut the preview edition of my comic at Heroes Con this year. So far the feedback has been positive. You can see the book by clicking here or visit my bookstore.

I’ve still got so much more to learn but to sum it up…”You’ve come a long way baby!