Trophy Girls by The Potter Twins

Trophy Girls is The Authorized and Audacious Autobiography of The Potter Twins

Trophy Girls follows the Potter Twins as they gain unexpected success in the adult film industry (and beyond). A project that Crystal and myself have been working on with the help of Nathan Massengill.

The stories themselves are true to life accounts of our time in and out of Los Angeles. This is not a kiss and tell-all book. Instead it’s a compilation of stories which are funny, poignant, sad, and in most cases unbelievable.

Our story, which also seems too fantastic to be real, lets you peer behind the curtain and share the scandal, sex, tears, and laughter that makes up this uniquely unforgettable adventure.

Judit Tondora (Wonder Woman

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When I took over as writer for “The Deadly Alana” series, I made it edgier (no pun intended) and sexy! This series is part of The Legacy Code Universe which is produced by Short Fuse Media. When you donate to their Kickstarter campaign you’re also helping to showcase my writing on the “The Deadly Alana”. Below is a page from the series that features my writing.

Showcase My WritingAnd let’s not forget the incredible rewards available to all who pledge to the campaign. (Just how incredible? You’ll have to see for yourself) Become a backer to

The Deadly Alana

I will be taking over “The Deadly Alana” series

Who better than me to write about a gorgeous chick who kicks ass? Nobody and that’s why Short Fuse Media has hired me to write on “The Deadly Alana” webcomic! On Tuesday (May 12th) my work starts off  with page 6.

The story in “The Deadly Alana” revolves around Alana pursuing her dream of building a legacy as one of the world’s greatest assassins. The story will run concurrent with multiple other comic titles that we will be releasing via as the stories for each series are all cannon to one shared universe.

Adult film star, Alana Evans has teamed up with Short Fuse Media in creating the