They aren’t just superhero twins. They are SuperTwins!

The SuperTwins

I got a nice email from Natalie Kim, a fellow comic book lover and creator of the SuperTwins, about my post on naming your comic book character. The SuperTwins is going to be a web series and

from what I can tell, it’s an interesting concept. Here is a little information about the series:

Karin (pronounced Kah-RIN) and Kai are just two ordinary, mid level superheroes getting by in New York. But when they find their Superhero Medallion suddenly revoked, they have to recapture the magic that made them famous in the first place. Yellow represents the power of the fiery sun.  Blue represents the depths of the oceans.  These opposing forces are much like Karin and Kai.

SUPERTWINS! is the brainchild of Natalie Kim, Josiah Madigan and Trevor Zhou.

This is certainly a web series worth keeping an eye out for! You can check out the their website for more information. I’m certain they’ll do a much better job becoming a superhero than I was able to.