Sum Up Your Story In One Sentence

For the longest time I DREADED being asked “Can you sum up your story in one sentence?”. How could I possibly sum up my story, with all its many plot twists, in one sentence?

The only way is with practice, of course. So that is why I’ve spent most of this week writing a one-sentence description for my stories. It’s been challenging but it’s also been loads of fun.

I knew a one-sentence description was important but I just didn’t know how important. If I can’t grab an editor or publisher’s attention with that one sentence then I’m almost guaranteed they won’t read my pitch/synopsis.

In a way it’s like writing a movie tag line or a Logline. Same attention grabbing concept.

Below are some examples of a one-sentence description for my series The Deciders.

Twin God Killers, caught in the battle between men and gods, must fight for their lives and their future.

In a future dominated by men and ruled by technology, not even God is safe.


Ok that last one was more of a tag line but I think still counts as a one-sentence description. Don’t you?