Sleeping With The Enemy

It seems that Namor is making quite a splash these days in the Marvel Universe and it occurred to me that he wasn’t mentioned in my post titled Who Needs Enemies When You’re In A Love Triangle.  Just because you’re a superhero, doesn’t mean you’re immune to love. Relationships are tough and can be even more wicked than your arch enemy. (and in some cases it might include the arch enemy).

Namor is all man when it comes to the ladies and has no problem getting them wet.




















Why? Is it be because he’s king of the sea? Or maybe it’s because he swims so well.












Personally, I think it’s those sexy Speedo’s.

Stop brooding. The chicks dig you!






You can’t talk about Namor without mentioning Sue Richards. Now here’s a woman with some major relationship issues. She’s married to Mr. Fantastic (apparently not-so-fantastic)  and yet she keeps hooking up with Namor.

Oh really?!

Sue is a polygamist















Batman and Catwoman, have been playing cat and mouse for years! In the 4th issue of Batman: The Widening Gyre, Catwoman confronts Bruce Wayne about his new girlfriend. Is he in love with her? Nope.










Well wonders, Wonder Woman that is, never cease! Guess she’d rather keep it between friends!

As for Superman, I’m thinking “monogamy” isn’t a word in the Krypton dictionary.


Spiderman loves Mary Jane. Awwww…how sweet! However, The Black Cat makes him friskier than MJ. Do I smell a cat fight?




Jean Grey is a fiery red head, with hot lips, and a smokin’ body. Although married to Cyclops, she can’t keep her hands off Wolverine.

Since Jean Grey is supposedly dead, Emma Frost will take her place with Cyclops. And Wolverine too?!


It’s obvious that, even in comic books, there is no such thing as eternal love and happily ever after. Now on a happy note…thank goodness you’re not married to Hank Pym aka Ant-Man

Hit him with a rolled up newspaper! He’s an ant for Christ’s sake!

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  1. Geez, those floozy Marvel chicks.

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