Psylocke in her own mini-series…not impressed.

It appears my favorite female X-Man, Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), is getting her own mini-series which debuts in October.

While it’s not going to be written by me, an unfortunate oversight on Marvel’s part, it will instead be written by Chris Yost. His story is “a direct-sequel” to the recent Sisterhood story arc (as seen in Uncanny X-Men #509-511) in which she was resurrected. (Again!)

Chris’ story will follow Psylocke to Japan, as she seeks to place her former body in its final resting place. This is where things become complicated for her…and VIOLA! a four issue mini-series is born.

Now I could rant and rave from sunrise ’til sundown about how weak this story line is…but I won’t. There is a positive side to this. It marks her revival within the Marvel Universe and a renewed interest in the character. This will typically lead to another mini-series focusing on the character’s origin. Well guess what?!  It just so happens that Nathan Massengill and I have already written the perfect origin based pitch called Psylocke,The Secret Histories (Yes! In the end it must always be about me!)