I’d like to share some more information about The Deciders, specifically how I came up with The Deciders symbol. Every famous superhero has a distinguishable symbol. Just take a look at these examples and I’ll bet you can tell me who each one belongs to.(or at least 98 % of them)

Deciders symbol iconic

Creating a symbol can be tricky. There needs to be a reason why the symbol is and looks the way it does. I can’t stress the KISS principle enough, “Keep it simple, Stupid!”

With that in mind, I had to create a symbol which represented everything a Decider was. This symbol was  going to be integrated into the suit’s design, giving it a distinct look. It would also be a part of the title logo. So I began my extensive  research and then, bingo! I came across the Chinese symbol Fu

Fu is the name of a sign in Chinese symbolism for authority, divine power and the ability to judge what is right and wrong. Thus it is a symbol for justice.

Here is it below:

deciders symbol fu


By flipping the sides the opposite way I got:

Deciders symbol

There are many reasons why I chose this symbol to represent The Deciders.

  1. It looks like the Roman Numeral One; signifying rank.
  2. It looks like a capital letter I; perfect for the logo.
  3. Above all it is still the symbol Fu; symbolizing justice.

And in case you’re wondering, this symbol is integrated throughout the suit…in both subtle and obvious  places.