Mark Pitta Abuse,Anger,and Assault

Mark Pitta Abuse Over Love

I always believed that love could conquer all. Even a person who reveals his darkest side out of nowhere would eventually change with love. How naive of me to believe that Mark Pitta’s dark side wouldn’t resurface over and over.Especially, when I showered him in nothing but love and support. I couldn’t see the signs or maybe I didn’t want to see them. He went to jail, went to court, did his probation, and went to anger management. So why did Mark Pitta abuse me?

DC Comics – Villain Fail

DC Comics – Villain Outfit Fail

Wow…um…normally I wouldn’t even give a second thought about DC Comics but this one I just had to rant about. So I was flipping through Batman #21 (The New 52) when I caught a glimpse of this guy…

The Apocalypse Twins Cometh

Archangel’s Heirs Are The Apocalypse Twins

I smell a major crossover story line with the birth of Archangel’s heirs, which were finally shown in this month’s issue of Uncanny Avengers. They will be known as The Apocalypse Twins for obvious reasons. Here’s a quick recap for those of you who have no idea what’s going on.