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Mark Pitta – When the Vow Breaks the Marriage Will Fall

On October 28th, 2016 Mark Pitta and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary by enjoying a relaxing weekend in Savannah, Georgia. However, with Reno being blind and requiring insulin shots twice a day meant we couldn’t board him and Crystal wasn’t available that weekend to watch him. So Mark asked Kay Richards if she was available and wouldn’t you know it…of course she was! Continue reading →

A New Start but Same Old Mark Pitta

Mark Pitta Narcissist Abuser

Mark Pitta and I went from living in a two bedroom house in Mill Valley to renting a five bedroom house in Georgia. It was conveniently close to where I’d be working and I loved having a room of my own where I could display my collectibles. And of course Mark got to have his own man-cave/home office. In fact, the house was so big that we invited Crystal to come stay with us and she practically had the entire upstairs to herself. Continue reading →