Oh, How I Love A Bad Boy!

Gene Hunt and Wolverine

DCI Gene Hunt (Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes) VS. Wolverine ( X-Men)
…just kidding…or am I?

Minus the claws, the healing factor, and the Adamantium laced skeleton, Wolverine is no different than Gene Hunt.

These two represent the classic antihero, anti-authority, good guys we just can’t seem to get enough of. Either play by their rules or don’t play at all…whether we like it or not. (And it appears we’re a society who does like it…or rather loves it!)

I do enjoy analyzing these two. As a writer I want to put them in a no holds barred scenario of homicidal rage, bloodied fists, broken limbs, with opponents ten times bigger than they are. It would end with them sitting triumphantly atop a pile of bodies, smoking their cigars, and comparing each others wounds.
Wolverine Gene Hunt

Mutant or human, these two carry their own set of rules that have proven successful in getting the job done. As I end this blog for the evening, I’m already picturing these two starring in a one-shot crossover issue…*creative gears begin to grind*

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