My Top 10 List of the Best Comic Book Based Video Games

Den of Geek asked that I write an article aptly titled My Top 10 List of the Best Comic Book Based Video Games. (which you can read by clicking here) My early childhood consisted of the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. Fast forward a few years and Nintendo was the holy grail at my house.

However, let us not forget that this was the era the shopping mall video game arcades! Which my father frequently visited, taking me and my twin sister with him. This is where my love affair with video games based on comic books would begin.

comic book based video games

I love joysticks and to this day I will not play a video game unless I’m using one. I’m not comfortable with those multi-button game controllers. In fact, I’m downright clumsy with them and find myself confused before I’ve begun playing the game.

My list consists primarily of video arcade games which ironically can now be purchased and played on home consoles. (Although my experience with that isn’t the same as standing in front of a coin-op machine). 

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