Mark Pitta: A Sick Wife will be Punished and Thrown Out

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On February of 2013, Mark Pitta and I attended his nephew’s wedding. the morning of the wedding I woke up to a terrible burning feeling in the back of my throat. I knew I was coming down with something but I didn’t dare tell Mark. If I did he’d accuse me of making it up in order not to attend the wedding.I couldn’t miss my hair and make-up appointment that morning so I took whatever we had laying around. and also made sure I drank plenty of hot tea. However, my throat continued to get worse and finally I told Mark about it but promised him I was still going no matter what. I can’t remember what he said or if he even cared. So long as I was dolled up and attending the wedding is all that mattered to him.

I was able to get through the ceremony but not the reception. When we arrived Mark introduced me to his nephew and his new bride but now my throat was raw so I didn’t say much. I desperately looked for anything hot to drink but there was nothing so I sat down at the first available table. Mark had wandered away leaving me alone among a ton of people I didn’t know. Disheartened and embarrassed that I couldn’t converse with anyone due to my now painfully soar throat, I sat alone.

I got out my cell phone and began to text Crystal because she was the only one I could talk to, without actually having to talk. I can’t remember how long I’d been sitting there but eventually Mark came over to me and wanted to know why I wasn’t with him mingling. In a low, whispering tone, I said my throat had gotten severely worse. Plus, I’d begun to feel run-down.

Daggers were coming out of Mark’s eyes as he told me to take the car and go home. He would get his sister Kathy to drive him home later. With his “permission” I drove myself back home, luckily the wedding was in Marin so it only took me about 15 minutes. When I got to the house I quickly changed into my sweats, made a hot cup of tea and went to bed.

I woke up later that evening and could hear the television upstairs so I knew Mark was home. Groggy, aching, and practically mute, I went upstairs. Mark sat on the couch, fixated on his laptop. Even in my sleepy daze, I sensed the anger permeating from within him.

I’m certain I said hello as I slowly made my way to the kitchen and then back downstairs. Before reaching the bedroom Mark Pitta stopped me and proceeded to give me an earful. As with all of his confrontations, I couldn’t win and so I remained quiet.

He obviously didn’t give a damn that I could barely talk and struggled to stay awake. He expected me respond to him NOW. I don’t know what I said but I do remember crawling to bed and falling asleep.

I awoke the next morning to an empty house. Mark Pitta left nothing indicating where he’d gone or when he’d return. My throat became worse and my body too weak to move. I mustered up the strength to take Reno for a walk and feed him breakfast. I spent the rest of the day in bed.

Mark returned early that evening and stayed upstairs while I remained downstairs in bed. This went on for two days until finally on February 17, 2013 he left a typed letter in the kitchen. It ends with

I don’t really want to be with you right now and I’m going to stay in a hotel. Call your father or mother and sister and spend time with them…When you leave let me know so I can return to take care of our pets. Just text me.

You can read the letter below and I’ve highlighted Mark’s abusive insults not just towards me but also my family!

Letter to J_Page_11

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I knew he’d stay away from me, perhaps longer than the last time, and so I called Crystal and a flight to Atlanta was booked for the next day. I packed a suitcase, reserved a taxi to the airport and sent Mark my flight information. 

My next post will continue with the story. And for those of you who read Mark’s letter, I’ll explain the part where he refuses to have a vasectomy.

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