London Film & Comic-Con 2022 is a month away and with each passing day, the excitement grows! Now, you may recall in my last post, the LFCC 2022 Exclusive Metal Cover for Trophy Girls. Now we want to show you some fabulous artwork that is for sale at our table! Summer is here and this means have fun and forget the last two years of isolation hell! In fact be sexy, playful and naughty just like Fred Benes depicted us in the artwork below.  

Trophy Girls Summer 2022

To London Film & Comic-Con 2022 With Love!

This next piece was originally drawn by an up and coming artist, Adriano Oliveira. It was after the fact that I noticed a few “problems” with the art. (No, I won’t elaborate so please don’t ask me to) Let’s just say that this art could and would not be printed or sold at our table. I knew only one man to contact for help, Jorge at Ed Benes Studio. He put Fred Benes on the assignment and soon I had another superb piece of art to sell. And you can bet this print will be for sale at our London Film & Comic-Con 2022 table.

London Film & Comic Con 2022 print

Unexpected Surprise for London Film & Comic-Con 2022 attendees!

I recently made a happy discovery while going through a box that I forgot about after the move. I couldn’t believe it! Inside were copies of the Trophy Girls #3 Aliens Homage Variant! Although moving from one state to another is very stressful, how could I have this?! Those unearthed copies will ONLY be sold at the convention. This is me telling you “I’m sorry for not having Trophy Girls #5 finished before the con.”

Trophy Girls 3 Aliens Homage Cover

New to the Trophy Girls series, get caught up  here. Otherwise, see you next month!