I Want Your Feedback on The Deciders

The Deciders Wants You

The Deciders comic book series is complete! Now I want your feedback!

The 5th issue of The Deciders has been released at comiXology and now I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on the series. As a writer and creator, your feedback is important to me. (Your reaction will also help me determine if I should continue with The Deciders series in the future)

If you haven’t read The Deciders you can purchase all 5 digital issues at comiXology, Amazon.com , Google Play Store & DriveThru Comics

The Deciders comic

Issues 1 – 5 of The Deciders

I look forward to hearing from you! Whether it’s via email, Facebook, Twitter, or leaving a comment at my website.


3 Comments on "I Want Your Feedback on The Deciders"

  1. Great art with a story that moves along briskly.

  2. Craig says:

    Well honestly I never read comics until I found yours and really enjoy reading them and think you have done a great job and can’t wait to read more when they come out

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