DBZ Gashapons
Dragonball Z HG+ Action Pose EX Gashapon

Damn it! It’s not like I need to start collecting something else but I just can’t help it. I love Gashapons! ( Don’t know what Gashapons are? Then click here to find out)

Recently I was in Japan Town, in downtown San Francisco, when I came across a Japanese toy store selling all sorts of cool action figures, models, trading cards, and Gashapons. I bought two blind boxes (A blind box is a type of packaging that completely hides its contents.Blind boxes are identical in every way and nobody knows which toy is inside.) figures from  the Dragonball Z HG+ Action Pose series volume 1 & 2.

I love surprises (just like when I get a pack of trading cards) and I was hoping to get either a Piccolo or a Vegeta figure from either box. But instead I ended up with two figures of Goku.

SSJ Goten GashaponsSSJ 3 Gashapons
He even comes with a Goten figure


Piccolo Gashapons Majin Vegeta Gashapons
Piccolo never backs down Majin Vegeta and Trunks

Although discouraged I wasn’t going to give up on getting at least one character I liked, so I returned to the Japanese store a week later to buy two more blind boxes. And guess what…I got Majin Buu and Mr. Satan! *sob*

Majin Buu Gashapons
Majin Buu is gonna get you!  

Oh well… there are tons of various Dragonball Z Gashapon series to collect from and I’ve got some great ones in storage! (Which I’ll be getting out of storage next time I’m in Dallas).