The second season finale for one of my all time favorite shows, Ashes To Ashes, got me thinking, Holy [bleep]!
From Out of the Ashes to Ashes

It’s true! That ending was one of those mind [bleeps] that I rarely get to experience but when I do get them…it’s just like having an incredible orgasm!

Ashes to Ashes  an original graphic novel would kick-ass!

In less than one hour after watching that episode, I had already developed a back story which centered around one of the main characters, Gene Hunt, for a either a comic book or an OGN (Original Graphic Novel).

Ashes to Ashes Gene Hunt I’m approaching this from the perspective of one who writes comic books and graphic novels. Gene Hunt is the perfect anti-hero. He’s a character you love to hate and is shrouded in mystery.

The third arc to Ashes To Ashes has been confirmed and you can read it here.

Now it’s rumored that this third arc will reveal who Gene Hunt really is. This could be a hit or miss but I have faith in the creators. They’ve not disappointed me so far. In fact, they’ve made me hungry for more Ashes to Ashes.

Gene Hunt is the equivalent of Wolverine and I will go into further details about this in my next blog.