Free Comic Book Day 2013

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow (May 4, 2013) is Free Comic Book Day! This is the one day of the year where participating comic book shops in North America and around the world give away FREE comic books.  Every store has their own set of rules and participation guidelines but I strongly encourage everyone to go and be a part of this wonderful day. For more information visit the Free Comic Book Day website.

One Comment on "Free Comic Book Day 2013"

  1. It’s time once again for another glorious Free Comic Book Day! It’s that most special day of the year when you can stroll down to your local comic book dispensary and partake in any number of comics (usually 3, unless you’re in the Underoo set, in which case most good stores will load you up), all for the price of nothing. It’s a great day to celebrate comics and to say thank you to your friendly neighborhood comic book store, and for them to say thanks to you. Many stores will be having special signings and appearances from local comic book people, or some other kind of festivities, so be sure to find a local store, even if you’re not a big comic fan. And bring the kids along if you have any. Any good store will have activates with them in mind, and you can maximize the free stuff you get if you bring a child with you.

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