Dead Hard Drive

R.I.P. Dell Inspiron 6400! The dead hard drive will be saved! As a computer techie I’m usually very good about keeping my system running smooth and hassle free. So imagine my surprise Saturday night when I booted up my laptop and got the following message

Error code 2000-0141 No drive detected.

WTF?! So I began hours and hours and hours of troubleshooting. (this had to happened at night when all the stores were closed) I did everything from re-seating the hard drive to taking the entire laptop apart checking for a loose ribbon to the motherboard.

Come Sunday morning, when all the stores opened, I went an bought me an 2.5″ external hard drive enclosure. With any luck I figured I might be able to get Crystal’s laptop to recognize the drive via USB cable. That didn’t work.

So I took Crystal’s hard drive out of her Dell Inspiron 1420 and place it into my Dell Inspiron 6400.(at this point I was willing to try anything!!) My laptop saw her hard drive just fine (so I knew for sure my hard drive was the problem and not the BIOS, or a loose ribbon, etc.) I plugged in the USB cable of my newly enclosed hard drive…nothing.

– Before I continue let me point out that even though I did a backup of my hard drive on March 2 I had some newer files on this dead hard drive that DESPERATELY needed! –

I was panicking (ok, I’d been panicking since the damn thing died) and I remembered reading somewhere that when your hard drive dies you should try placing it in the freezer. What the hell, I had nothing to lose because I’d already lost it with the hard drive. So in the freezer it went (I kept it inside the aluminum enclosure I’d just bought). I waited about 20 – 30 minutes before taking it out and plugging it into my laptop which still had Crystal’s hard drive inside. Nothing.

So out of frustration I began banging on the frozen hard drive and VIOLA! my hard drive began spinning and I was able to retrieve those desperately needed files.

After getting my files I put Crystal’s hard drive back into her Dell 1420. I took mine out of the enclosure and placed it in the Dell 6400 to see if it my work again. Nope. The BIOS couldn’t find it and thus ends my laptop’s five year reign.

Now some of you might be wondering why don’t I go and buy a new hard drive, well I’ll tell you why. First, the factory installed battery stopped holding a charge a few years ago. So I replaced it with a newer better battery and it stopped holding a charge about a year ago. (and those damn batteries are not cheap!) Now that the hard drive has died (and replacing it isn’t any cheaper) it’s just a matter of time before something else goes out like the CPU or the LCD screen or whatever. It’s cheaper, in the long run, for me to get another laptop instead of replacing the parts.

Besides, it’d be nice to get a laptop that is a lot lighter because that monster was heavy!