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In case you don’t know, Comic Vine is the largest comic book database online (including Reviews, News, Videos, etc.). It’s where I go every Wednesday to check out the newest released comics.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw The Deciders #3 posted on the first page of newly released comics! To think my little ‘ol self-published comic book placed among all the leading publishers and titles! As silly as it sounds, seeing this made me feel like I’ve finally been accepted as a comic book writer and creator.

There is now a wiki page for The Deciders series at Comic Vine which you can view by clicking here. There are quite a few additions/changes that need

The Deciders 3 cover art

I’m excited to report that we’re close to wrapping up issue #3 of The Deciders! So without further ado here is The Deciders  3 cover art!  The Artist is John Nguyen and is colored by Kat Haynes.
The Deciders 3 cover art

So who is this ominous looking man on the Deciders 3 cover art?!

This is a tell all issue!
After receiving some disturbing visions, Decoda must confide in Archangel Gabriel. Meanwhile, Devah spends the day with Joseph Caine. It’s a surprise twist for Devah and Decoda when they realize who they’re up against!

There is still time to purchase your copy of The Deciders issues 1 and 2.

The Deciders now DRM-Free @ comiXology

Today I received an email from comiXology about offering DRM-Free comic books. It is a new feature that will allow their customers to download DRM-Free comiXology backups of purchased comics. Why is this exciting? Because now you can download and store local copies of books in PDF and CBZ format.

DRM stands for Digital Restrictions Management. It is made to control what YOU do with digital content and devices you own. This means you cannot share songs, read an eBook or play a game on a different device. Nobody likes restrictions or being told what they’re allowed to do. So let’s shout a big ‘HOORAY’ for DRM-Free comiXology content!  

At first this was only offered to the big publishers but now

The Deciders issue 3 now available

The Deciders issue 3 is now available! You can purchase your digital copy at Amazon, comiXology, Google Play and DriveThruComics.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased and read both issues 1 & 2 of The Deciders. (and to those of you who haven’t you can purchase it through comiXology, , or DriveThru Comics.)

It’s a tell all issue!
After receiving some disturbing visions, Decoda must confide in Archangel Gabriel. Meanwhile, Devah spends the day with Joseph Caine.

The following are pages from The Deciders issue 3.  I hope you all enjoy!
The Deciders issue 3 page4-preview

The Deciders issue #2 now available

The Deciders issue #2 now available

It’s Devah versus Decoda in The Deciders issue #2! Will Lilyth’s plan to control both twins succeed or is she asking for double trouble? On top of everything else, a surprising revelation about Joseph Caine is revealed!

The Deciders issue #2

Witness Devah and Decoda in a deadly fight against each other. Only one will taste sweet victory and the other bitter defeat. Prepar for a new character to come into play, as well.

The Deciders issue #2 is now available for purchase at comiXology, Amazon, GooglePlay, and As of right now, the one place you will not find The Deciders is on

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